testosterone cypionate

This can help to increase the frequency of birth defects in children born to women taking anti-epileptic agents. Therefore, prior to and during pregnancy is recommended supplementation with folic acid.
In order to prevent excessive bleeding in newborns of women in the last weeks of pregnancy and the newborn is recommended to prescribe testosterone cypionate .
Described several cases of seizures and / or respiratory depression in the newborn, which took mother drug in conjunction with other anticonvulsants. In addition, also reported several cases of vomiting, diarrhea and / or decreased feeding in infants whose mothers received Tegretol. Possibly, these reactions are manifestations of the syndrome in newborns.
Carbamazepine into breast milk concentration thereof constitute 25-60% of the level in the blood plasma. Therefore, you should weigh the benefits and possible adverse effects of breastfeeding in the face of continued therapy Tegretol. Mothers taking the drug can breastfeed, provided that the child will be placed under surveillance in respect of possible adverse reactions (eg, severe drowsiness, allergic skin reactions).

Dosing and Administration
Inside. The drug can be taken with meals, after meals or in between meals. The tablets should be taken with a little liquid.
The product can be used both as a monotherapy and in combination therapy. Appointment l in the form of syrup is suitable for patients with swallowing pills is difficult or which require careful selection of the dose. When receiving Tegretol syrup achieved much the maximum concentration * than when the same dose in tablet form, it is recommended to start with small doses and gradually increase them in order to avoid: adverse reactions. Syrup before use stir.
When transferring the patient from receiving Tegretol in tablet form to receive the syrup to take medication at the same daily dose, but lower doses and frequently (for example, syrup dosing regimen is three times per day, rather than two times a day for tablet). Transfer of the patient from receiving testosterone cypionate in the form of conventional tablets reception Tegretol CR tablets prolonged action. Clinical experience shows that some patients using tablets prolonged action may be necessary to increase the dose. Considering drug interactions and especially pharmacokinetics antiepileptic drugs elderly patients the dose should be selected with caution.

Epilepsy When possible, the drug should be prescribed as monotherapy. The drug testosterone cypionate is usually not effective for small seizures (petit mal, absence) and myoclonic seizures.Treatment starts with application of a small daily dose, which subsequently slowly increased until the optimum effect. It is recommended to determine the concentration of the active substance in the blood plasma for the selection of the optimal dose of the drug. When you add Tegretol taken to other antiepileptic  dose increase gradually. If necessary, a corresponding correction of doses of medications. For adults the initial dose of carbamazepine is 100-200 mg 1 or 2 times a day. Then slowly increase the dose until the optimum therapeutic effect; usually achieved at a dose of 400 mg 2-3 times a day. Some patients may need to increase the daily dose up to 1600 mg or 2000 mg. In children aged 4 years and under the recommended starting dose is 20-60 mg per day; subsequently increase the dose of 20-60 mg a day. In children older than 4 years of treatment can be started with the use of 100 mg / day; gradually increase the dose, 100 mg per week. In children under three years of drug is preferably applied in the form of syrup due to the difficulty of application in solid dosage forms of this age group. Maintenance doses : for children based set 10-20 mg / kg body weight per day (in divided doses).

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