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Telzir after ingestion rapidly and almost completely hydrolysed to amprenavir and organic phosphate, and is absorbed through the intestinal epithelium. The pharmacokinetic properties of amprenavir after simultaneous reception Telzira and ritonavir were evaluated in healthy adult subjects and patients, with no significant differences were detected between the two groups.
Ritonavir inhibits amprenavir metabolism by inhibition of testosterone cypionate results, which leads to an increase amprenavir plasma concentration .
for children and adolescents oral suspension may be taken during a meal. Absorption : by repeated multiple oral Telzira dose of 1400 mg twice daily, amprenavir is rapidly absorbed. The maximum concentration  upon reaching equilibrium concentration , the time to reach maximum concentration hours after administration. Geometric mean minimum concentration  for the equilibrium state, the area under “concentration – time” curve  in the interval between doses of the drug. Value  equally in the fasting any of dosage forms , wherein the value amprenavir plasma by 14% higher after reception in slurry form for internal application than after reception  tablets with food rich in fats It does not alter the plasma pharmacokinetics of amprenavir over drug-fasting. Receiving  suspension with food rich in fats, reduced testosterone cypionate results compared to fasting drug intake. Adults should be taken on an empty stomach suspension. Patients Children and adolescents should take the suspension Telzira during a meal that provides dosing regime for a given population. Absolute biodostupnost  in humans has not been established.

Distribution and communication with blood plasma proteins apparent volume of distribution of amprenavir after administration Telzira is approximately 430 liters (6 l / kg, based on the weight tepa 70 kg). The large volume of distribution is due to the free penetration of amprenavir in the tissue from the systemic circulation. Amprenavir binds to the protein of approximately 90%. It binds to α 1 acid glycoprotein and albumin, but has a higher affinity . Metabolism.  in the body is converted into amprenavir, which is metabolized primarily in the liver by testosterone cypionate results enzyme, less than 1% of amprenavir excreted by the kidneys unchanged. Withdrawal . upon receiving Telzira half-life of amprenavir is 7.7 hours Write in the form of metabolites (about 75%) through the intestine and about 14% – by the kidneys. Certain patient populations children: research data pharmacokinetics of amprenavir in children (over 2 years) and adolescents do not differ from . those of adults Elderly: pharmacokinetics  in patients older than 65 years have not been studied. In the appointment of older patients should consider the possibility of liver dysfunction, kidney or heart disease, comorbidity, and treatment with other drugs. Renal function: special research was conducted. Since a small amount of amprenavir (less than 1% of the therapeutic dose) is excreted unchanged by the kidneys, the effect of renal impairment on amprenavir elimination should be minimal.

Violations of the liver: the main route of elimination of amprenavir is the intestine. Currently, there are limited data regarding the use of the drug in patients with impaired hepatic function. A comparative pharmacokinetic study infected adults with impaired liver function, mild to moderate receiving testosterone cypionate results with ritonavir and patients with normal liver function. Patients with impaired function moderate liver when appointing Telzira 700 mg and ritonavir 100 mg once daily was determined reduction of the mean amprenavir plasma concentrations by 24%, the concentrations of total amprenavir – by 65%, and the concentration of unbound amprenavir – approximately 42 % compared with the values in patients with normal liver function receiving standard therapy scheme:  and ritonavir 100 mg 2 times a day. Thus, with dosing regimen , applicable in patients with impaired liver function average degree not achieved comparable concentration of amprenavir in blood plasma, which are determined by the dosing regime  times a day in patients with normal liver function . clenbuterol vaegttab