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With concomitant use of antacids and zidovudine, didanosine, stavudine, lamivudine, abacavir and tenofovir is not necessary to correct dosing regimen. Protease Inhibitors There are no special recommendations for the regime dosing using antacids in combination with other protease inhibitors with the exception of ritonavir. lopinavir / ritonavir: parameters testosterone cypionate injectionfor lopinavir remained unchanged when taken within 2 weeks fosamprenavir (1400 mg two times a day) together with lopinavir  times a day compared to the other dose of lopinavir / ritonavir (533 mg / 133 mg 2 times a day) Moreover, amprenavir decreased by 13%, 26% and 42%, respectively, compared with taking antacids / ritonavir (700 mg / 100 mg 2 times a day for 2 weeks). The optimal dose of the combination in terms of safety and efficacy have not been established. Indinavir: the combined use of amprenavir (750 mg or 800 mg three times a day) and indinavir (800 mg three times a day on an empty stomach) for 2 weeks the values at steady state for amprenavir increased by 18%, 33% and 25% respectively. C max , AUC and C min indinavir equilibrium decreased respectively by 22%, 38% and 27%. Saquinavir: the combined use of amprenavir (750 mg or 800 mg three times a day) and saquinavir (800 mg three times a day after eating) for 2 weeks, the values of  amprenavir in equilibrium decreased by 37%, 32% and 14% respectively. C max increased by 21% and the valuesnsaquinavir decreased by 19% and 48%.

Nelfinavir: the combined use of amprenavir (750 mg or 800 mg three times a day), and nelfinavir (750 mg three times a day after eating) for 2 weeks, the valuestestosterone cypionate injectionof amprenavir at equilibrium decreased by 14% and increased to 189%, respectively. C max , AUC and C min nelfinavir at steady state increased by 12%, 15% and 14%. Atazanavir: joint reception fosamprenavir / ritonavir (700 mg / 100 mg twice daily) and atazanavir (300 mg once daily ) for 10 days had no effect on the equilibrium concentration of amprenavir. integrase inhibitors raltegravir: at joint reception fosamprenavir (1400 mg twice daily) and raltegravir (400 mg twice daily) in healthy volunteers decreased concentration of amprenavir (C min decreased by 33 %) and raltegravir (C min decreased by 68%) in the blood plasma. Joint reception fosamprenavir not recommended (without ritonavir) and raltegravir, as this may result in a reduction of amprenavir plasma to subtherapeutic concentrations.Reducing the concentration of amprenavir C min at 19-33% and raltegravir C min at 36-54% was observed at the joint reception of fosamprenavir / ritonavir 700 mg / 100 mg twice daily) and raltegravir (400 mg twice a day). Reducing the concentration of amprenavir C min for 17-50%, and raltegravir C min for 25-41% was observed after co-administration of antacids / ritonavir (1400 mg / 100 mg once a day) and raltegravir (400 mg twice daily). . Clinical significance of this decrease is unknown

Antibiotics / antifungals Erythromycin : theoretical concentration of both drugs in plasma can be increased with concomitant assignment. Ketoconazole / itraconazole: amprenavir increases the concentration of ketoconazole in the plasma, and presumably also increases concentrations of itraconazole. Do not use high doses of ketoconazole and itraconazole (200 mg daily) at the same time taking antacids without a preliminary assessment of benefit / risk ratio, careful monitoring of the patient. Rifampicin: rifampicin is a potent inducer oftestosterone cypionate injection. Combined with amprenavir assignment reduces readings C min and AUC amprenavir – 92% and 82% respectively. Rifampicin not be taken together with fosamprenavir. Rifabutin:combined use of rifabutin amprenavir and leads to an increase in plasma concentrations of rifabutin of 200% testosterone cypionate injection and the associated increase in the number of adverse reactions with rifabutin. At the same time taking ritonavir and rifabutin can greatly increase the concentration of rifabutin. It recommended to reduce the dose of rifabutin by at least 50%, while the appointment with fosamprenavir, and not less than 75% when taking antacids in combination with ritonavir. Careful medical supervision may require further dose reduction. accordo rx